Mission and vision



Aeve's role within the Region of Murcia is mainly focused on fostering and keeping an agile link within the associates organisations and the local and regional councils.



Therefore, we look after the common interests of our associates in matters of industrial safety, occupational hazards prevention as well as environmental protection. We serve as a collaborative link as well as we spread knowledge and support for the achievement of these collective purposes.


naturaleza y fines AEVE




AEVE, Asociación de Empresas del Valle de Escombreras was founded back in 2004 as the outcome of the already existing collaboration of it's associates. The need for a common response to the different situations in the Valley and the importance of effective communication and a joint voice with the Administration resulted in the birth of AEVE.



From its beginnings, AEVE has maintained a constant and fluid collaboration with the local and regional councils, developing projects that improve the quality and the security in the companies, as well as contributing to the social welfare and local economic development.

AEVE within Murcia





The important transformation undergone by the Escombreras Valley in recent years, such as the installation of combined cycles with a total capacity of 3,200 megawatts or the expansion of different facilities and the construction of new ones, are some of the reasons why today, the Escombreras Valley is considered as the most relevant industrial hub in South East Spain.



Although the proximity to the basin of Escombreras, is an attractive factor for companies due its loading possibilities, unloading and transferring the product through pipes, its geographical situation and proximity to the city of Cartagena make Escombreras Valley a highly attractive industrial site.



Furthermore, the joint efforts made by associated organisations and administration, coordinated and integrated by AEVE in the areas such as infrastructures and communications enhancements have had an enriching outcome.




Since 2007 highly remarkable achievements have taken place; improvement works have possessively contributed to enhance road safety. . The most important development so far is related to the CT-34 road development. which now is conformed by four lanes linking Escombrears Valley area to the motorway, providing a safe solution to thousands of high gauge vehicles many of them carrying dangerous goods








Main achieved developments and projects



Combined-cycle power plant

Gas Natural: 1,200 megawatts capacity expansion on each of the three generators.



Iberdrola: brand new 800 combined-cycle power plant set up



ILBOC: three new 1,200 Megawatts electric power plants.



Corporate facilities expansion

Bunge:Pelletising unit and a seed grinding unit extension.. Currently evaluating the possibility of new fatty seeds types for cattle feeding.



Aemedsa: new business area development including a sulphuric acid unit, which would self-sufficient as well as for commercial purposes.



Repsol: this company has enlarged to twice the size the industrial plant, turning it into one of the most vanguardist of the world, with 11 million tons a yearcrude oil distillation capacity (220,000 barrels/day)



Enagas: construction of a fifth storage tank of 150,000 m3 in Cartagena.



Otros Proyectos

Road reinforcement RM-320 y RM-322.


Governing principles

  • 1. General Assembly Is the main governing body and as such itcarries AEVE's voice. It is formed by all the associated organisations plus the President.
  • 2. Executive board Is the main management body integrated by the President, Secretary as well as four spokespersons nominated by each of the associated groups
  • 3. President AEVE's President is it's main representative and is nominated by the General Assembly

Agreements and Conventions




Following our development and collaboration goals with different organisations and local councils , AEVE has so far agreed to the following commitments:



  • General Collaboration agreement with Comunidad Autonoma of Region of Murcia and Consejeria de Agricultura y Agua, by which consulting, research, training and environmental information exchange projects will be executed.


  • Environmental Social Agreement.


  • Mutual Aid Pact.


  • Agreement with Technical University of Cartagena, by which consulting and technical advice regarding economic and social development statistics will be provided.




  • Maintenance of the Regional Network for the Prevention and Surveillance of Air Pollution.


  • Integral System of Marine Environmental Surveillance.


  • Annual Environmental Conference in collaboration with Dirección General de Medio Ambiente.



  • Mutual Aid Pact.


  • Communication protocol.


  • Integration of Communications through the network of communication stations.


  • Monitoring and control of Security statistics. Annual Prevention Days.

Joining AEVE


Those organisations whose social domain or work center is located in Escombreras Valley, may join AEVE once their membership has been approved in accordance with the Association's statutes and norms



If you would like more information about how to join AEVE, please get in touch with us.