Economic and social impact

The group of companies that form AEVE and its productive diversity is characterised by its link to industrial activity, particularly to energy production. Within those the activity that generates most of employment and Gross Value Added (GVA) is that of refining and coking, due to the large relevance of Repsol Petroleo within AEVE.

The 21 companies jointly contributed to the Spanish economy during the year 2013 with a significant added value of just over 978€ million and created 11,795 full-time jobs.

Gross Value Added


AEVE represents


11.795 empleos

The capital intensive nature of the economic activities developed by AEVE becomes evident when we observe that 1,618 direct jobs in Escombreras Valley generated 7,578 indirect jobs in the whole Spanish territory, as a consequence of the high added value generated by AEVE and especially due to a remarkable drag effect on the whole of the Spanish economy.

Direct impact

In 2013, as a result of the economic activity developed by AEVE's companies, direct impact reached €368M and 1,618 full-time jobs were created.

Gross Value Added


Full time jobs


Indirect impact

The outcome generated by AEVE during 2013 on products and service suppliers increased up to more than €452M and generated 7,579 full time jobs.

Generated employment

Generated employment España Región de Murcia Comarca de Cartagena
Total 7.579
Agriculture, forestry and fishing 223 170 98
Extractive industries; manufacturing industry; Supply of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning; Water supply, sanitation activities, waste management and decontamination 1.246 576 300
Construction and development 543 34 21
Wholesale and Retail; Repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles; Transport and storage; hostelry 2.366 1.822 1.709
Information, communications and IT 66 10 8
Finance and insurance 93 30 24
Real Estate 27 10 9
Professional, scientific and technical activities; Administrative activities and ancillary services 768 307 254
Public sector and defence; Compulsory social security; education; Health and social services activities 2.172 602 595
Artistic, recreational and entertainment activities; Repair of household articles and other services 75 29 23


National Gross Value Added


Regional Gross Value Added


Local Gross Value Added


Induced effect

The economic effect related to the consumption of AEVE's direct and indirect employees, generated more than €158M as well as 2,598 full-time jobs in 2013.

Generated employment

Generated employment Spain
Total 2.598
By AEVE 605
By AEVE's suppliers 1.993


Gross Value Added directly generated by AEVE


Gross Value Added generated by AEVE's suppliers


Total Gross Value Added


Additional economic data

The activity of some of AEVE's associates is directly related to the Escombrearas basin, benefiting from the facilities offered by the Port of Cartagena. AEVE's remarkable contribution to the economy of the Port of Cartagena nearly represents two-thirds of the total amount of taxed paid to the Cartagena's Port Authority.

In addition to maritime traffic, raw materials stowage for production processes and goods derived from them, represent another relevant factor for AEVE, being land transport one of the most common shipment means.

Fully paid taxes to Cartagena's Port Authority


Ground transportation means used in 2013

Lorries 188.574
Railway wagons 2.523

AEVE accounted for 0.12% of total lorry transportations in Spanish territory and 4.5% of lorry transportations in Region de Murcia.


AEVE's industrial activity outcome in 2013 accounted for a total of 722 lorry transportation services a day, 10 railway wagons a day and a total of 365 vessels in one year.

Taxes and contributions in 2013

La importante actividad económica de AEVE no solamente se traduce en la generación de riqueza y empleo, sino que además la contribución a la arcas públicas comarcales, regionales y nacionales fue notable.







Seguridad Social


  • 1VAT: Value-Added Tax
  • 2IBI: Industrial Property Tax
  • 3ICIO: Contributions, Installations and Works Tax