Commitment to the Environment

All of AEVE's associated organisations are certified to the highest environmental standards (ISO 4000, ISO 50000, AENOR) and develop their industrial activity with utmost respect for the main environmental areas (air, water and soil).



In addition to this, most of them have signed a 'Commitment to Sustainable Development of the Region of Murcia' through addressing the 'Social Pact for the Environment', establishing a framework by which companies, institutions, organisations and groups in the Region of Murcia can contribute to sustainable development.



Pacto por el Medio Ambiente
  • AEVE

    1. Collaborate with the Administration on monitoring activities of the different environmental areas of AEVE's associates
    2. Conducting monographic workshops environmentally focused
    3. Promote the Social Pact for the Environment
    4. To reach a framework agreement for collaboration between the Comunidad Autonoma of Region of Murcia through the Ministry of Agriculture and Water for consultancy development, research, training and exchange of environmental information and data projects
    5. Environmental awareness and knowledge spread
  • Bunge

    1. Training and environmental awareness
    2. Electricity consumption decrease
    3. Maintain certifications of environmental systems
    4. Environmental risks decrease
  • CLH

    1. Training and environmental awareness
    2. Decrease emissions to the atmosphere
    3. Environmental practise enhancement
  • Enagas

    1. Certification of the implementation of the EMAS regulation
    2. Environmental training and awareness
    3. Decrease electricity consumption and increase energy efficiency
    4. Decrease of natural gas emissions
    5. Decrease noise pollution and increase energy efficiency
    6. Water treatment plant improvements
    7. Acknowledge of the agreement of good environmental practices of Ports of the State with the Port Authority of Cartagena

    1. Drinking water consumption decrease by 3%. Awareness campaign to save water in the network
    2. Decrease CO2 emissions into the atmosphere
    3. Jar area lightning optimisation
  • Iberdrola

    1. Promoting environmental awareness
    2. Characterisation of Soils study project, risk analysis and relevant action plan
    3. Continuous development in chemical dosing systems aiming to minimise the potential environmental impact
  • Repsol Petróleo

    1. Decreasing the impact of emissions into the atmosphere
    2. Hazardous waste generation decrease
    3. Training and environmental awareness
    4. Repsol Cartagena factory commitment with biodiversity
    5. Energy saving policy




  • Regional Prevention and Surveillance Air Pollution Network maintenance


  • Integrated Marine Surveillance System


  • Annual Environmental Conference in collaboration with the Direction General de Medio Ambiente



  • Mutual Help Agreement


  • Communications Protocol


  • Integrated communications throughout a global communications network


  • Monitoring and control of safety and security statistics. Annual prevention conference

Safety & Security

Safety & Security agreement


The companies are certified within the ISO 18001 international systems and set ambitious safety targets.



Through various working groups, AEVE's associates have reached agreements on industrial and property security:



  • Mutual Help Agreement

  • Communication Protocol on Land Security


Furthermore, all of AEVE's associates are intercommunicated through radio stations that allow communication of potential security or environmental breaches in the area.




Quality standards

Quality on AEVE's associates



The quality of processes and products of AEVE associates are certified by ISO 9001 international standards, as well as national ones, AENOR, being evident in the wide range of products with high national and international demand.



The enormous variety of carefully selected raw materials allow us to obtain globally demanded products that certify the high quality of those.